Discover the Calçotada in l’Horta is a winter gastronomic feast. It is another outdoor activity that you can enjoy with your friends and family in Discover l’Horta.

Calcotadas originated in Valls, Tarragona and we´ve adopted the entire process here at Discover l´Horta including the cultivation.

The calçots are the young shoots that grow from an onion and are covered in soil.  The white buds stretch out of the soil seeking the light and thus creating the calcuts.

The calçotadas are grown from mid-December to early March, and cooked under intense wood burning fire.  They are burned on the outside but tender and juicy inside, and are served with special romescu sauce.

The romescu has several ingredients like toasted almonds, toasted hazelnuts, tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, and a pinch of salt, parsley and paprika.

While the calcots are cooked, we serve a typical appetizers and refreshments.   After the Calçots, we serve grilled artichokes and good barbecue “Torrà” (lamb chops, sausage, blood sausage, chorizo and pancetta)

Desert is roasted pumpkin with homemade jam, cake Cristina typical of Borbotó and Mistela (sweet wine).

Included Beverage: Regional Wine, beer, soft drinks and water.

The Calçots can not be eaten alone, it is the excuse for a party with friends and family !!

What is a calçotada in Discover  L’horta?  Click here