COMPETITION PAELLAS (special event for companies).

Many companies are organizing meetings with their employees, outside their facilities, to work cohesion and teamwork. They are called “Outdoor Training” or Experiential Education.

Discover l’Horta offers to the companies an activity, called competition of Paellas, to be included in their program. This activity serves as a dynamic element among company employees. The process of cooking a Paella Valenciana stile is a unifying element of a team.

The activity begins with the formation of teams (preferably between 2 and 8 teams of 4 to 8 participants each).

Then we will give them aprons (orange and green), a verbal explanation of the recipe and deliver them instructions to follow “step by step” with pictures of it.

The contestants will have all the ingredients and kitchen utensils.

Our chefs will be helping the teams.

Once the paella is cooked, the Jury, previously selected, will hold a blind tasting and choose the winners, who will get a diploma and a typical hat.

Finally, each team will enjoy tasting the Paella has cooked.

The activity can be done in our facilities at Borbotó (Valencia) or we can move where the company convention is being made. Discover l’Horta provide all the elements that you will need for making authentic Paella Valenciana, pots, trivets, firewood, all the ingredients, kitchen utensils, etc. We just need to have a space where you can cook the paella outdoors.