Duel paellas consist of two teams trying each to cook the best  Valencian Paella. We make two teams, green and orange. Both teams have the same tools and ingredients, and they will be assisted by our chefs. The results will be different for sure, there´s never  two equal paellas!

Moreover you will enjoy a typical snack from Valencia, we will tour around our organic Mediterranean garden and will collect seasonal crops to make salads and paella.

Once the paellas are ready, we will get a jury to make a blind tasting, who will test the flavor, texture, color, etc.  to decide a winner.  After the result has been decided everyone can enjoy both Paellas as a group.

As a dessert, we´ll have seasonal fruit and some   Cristina cake with sweet wine.

All this will always be accompanied by a cordial, happy and kind atmosphere on a wonderful outdoor space.