School workshops

Discover l’Horta offers children the opportunity to learn, in a fun and active way, how to cultivate and care for vegetables, and the importance of preserving the Huerta.

We teach the importance of caring for the environment and the benefits of organic products and organic farming.

We can hoist various groups, depending on the number of schoolchild.

We tour the garden, giving an explanation of seasonal crops that are planted at that time.

We also explain how and when to irrigate crops and what are the basic techniques for growing and harvesting:

Children can learn hands on through participation in various activities.

We collect seasonal produce, such as lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, onions, etc.

We have all the children plant a small plant\flower in a recycled container for the children to take home and care for.

We end with a workshop that includes games and crafts using organic products.

The duration of activity is approximately three hours.

The activity can be extended with lunch, paella tasting, horse-drawn carriage through the garden, making and horchata tasting, etc.