At the begining of 2012, four entrepreneurs started up the Descubre L’Horta project.

Our aim is to make known and highlight the culture and gastronomy of the Valencian Horta.

We created the Valencian Paella Workshops aimed at schools, companies and groups, who are interested in learning about the traditional ways of life in the Valencian Garden.

In a fun, educational and interactive way, we spend a pleasant day in the heart of the garden.

With the school paella competitions, students actively participate in the preparation and cooking of Valencian Paella cooked authentically with wood-fire . In the process learnning both the importance of collaboration and the manner in wich we approach farming and nature.


By actively particpating throgh the entire process, guest are offered a unique opportunity to highlight the importance of team building in the preparation and cooking of a wood-fired paella. Guest are offered a walk through our organic garden where we showcase the different seasonal crops. In the winter season, we grow our own ‘Calçots'(type of green onion). During this season we offer Calçotadas and Barbecue in place of Paella. From the farm to the table.

We are located in Borbotó, within a 5 minute walk from a city bus stop (line 26 EMT) .