This activity is a product of Cultural and Gastronomic Tourism, specifically aimed at Secondary School students.

Guest will have the opportunity to visit the Ecological Garden, learn about the irrigation system of the irrigation channels sytem, observe the different crops of the season and participate in the making of a paella. Preparing and cooking the authentic Valencian Paella.

Upon arrival at the facilities of Discover L’Horta, we will have a view of the Mediterranean garden and a walk through the Ecological Garden, a guide will explain its history, the typical crops, the tools used. and the traditional irrigation system that has been in use for thousands of years.

During this tour through the garden participants will be able to collect, depending on the season, some ingredients for the salads that Will later be served prior to the Paella.


We organized the Paellea Workshop as a competition between teams, which requires guest to be more involved and in turn have some fun during the process.

Students will be divided into teams, memebers of each team will be given a distinctive apron color and all of the necessary ingredients and utinsils.
With the supervision of the cooks, who will help oversee the entire process, the participants will prepare all the ingredients and cook the paellas with Wood-fire.

During the preparation of the paellas, appetizers will be served (peanuts, olives, chips) accompanied by soft drinks and mineral water.

Once the Paellas are cooked, a jury formed by the teachers/supervisors who accompany the group, will decide the winning team of the competition, by means of a “blind taste test”.

A few select participants from the winning team will be awarded a souvenir for their participation.

Then the entire group will be served Paella along with some starters and salad (prepared by the students with produce from our garden.

And for dessert, fruit or ice cream (depending on the season).

School Workshop

All drinks are included in the price (soft drinks and water).

The activity is organized exclusively for the group thatmakes the reservation.

TheCity bus, line 26 of the EMT, stops 5 minutes from our facilities.